Darwin Day


2019 Darwin Day - Celebrate Darwin's 211th Birthday

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Sunday Feb. 9, 2020 1:30 to 4:30PM

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    "Darwin Day" (http://darwinday.org/) is a global celebration of science and reason. This will be the 12th celebration in Saskatoon!

    The Saskatoon Skeptics (http://www.saskatoonskeptics.com/) and Centre for Inquiry Saskatoon (http://centreforinquiry.ca/) are proud to host the annual Darwin Day celebration in Saskatoon on February 9 at 1:30pm. Come and celebrate Darwin's 211th birthday with presentations, cake and children's activities. Our presentations this year highlight some local evolution research using the Canadian Light Source (synchrotron).

    SCHEDULE (subject to change):
    1:30 pm Introduction & Presentation 1 by Mauricio Barbi, Ph.D. - Rare Dinosaur Skin Offers Insights into Evolution
    2:45 pm Birthday Cake, Coffee and Children's Activities
    3:15 pm Presentation 2 by B. Frank Eames, Ph.D. - Communicating evolution using a synchrotron, sciart, and sharks
    4:30 pm Pub Discussion - anyone interested can join us for further discussion & cheer at a nearby pub.

    You are welcome to attend all or any part of the event. Come out for an afternoon celebrating science!

    Donations are welcome and appreciated, but not required. Suggested donation: $10. Charitable donations of $20 or more to the Centre for Inquiry Canada are eligible for a tax receipt if contact information is provided.

    PRESENTATION 2 DETAILS – Communicating evolution using a synchrotron, sciart, and sharks
    Evolutionary study is a great way to communicate logic and intrigue a general audience. Adding cool synchrotron images upgrades this approach significantly, meanwhile allowing us to see things that we've never seen before. I'll break this talk into two parts. First, I'll summarize some current efforts in my lab to use sciart to spread evolutionary concepts to a curious public. In collaboration with Jean-Sebastien Gauthier, a Saskatoon-based multimedia interactive artist, we have presented works of digital projection, sculpture, and prints in efforts to communicate the shared relationship living things have with each other. Second, I'll share a scientific fascination that I've had with understanding the skeleton of modern sharks and their relatives. Along with collaborators and my PhD student Joseph Atake, we've had many breakthroughs showing how their skeletons might be related to other vertebrates.
    About the Speaker:
    B. Frank Eames, Ph.D. (https://www.eameslab.ca/) is an Associate Professor of Skeletal Development & Evolution in the Department of Anatomy, Physiology, and Pharmacology at the University of Saskatchewan.

    We are looking for volunteers to assist with the following tasks:
    1) Advertising - soon! share the event in your electronic or physical community board or work place. Post printed posters in key areas around Saskatoon.
    2) Event set-up - 12:55pm Feb 9
    3) Event assistance (e.g. door greeter, display table, children's activities) - during event Feb 9
    4) Event clean-up - 4:30-5pm Feb 9
    Please contact Kendra if you are able to help out in any way.