Meeting Feb 18

Skeptics In the Pub
Lecture by noted amateur astronomer Richard Huziak

Challenging Saskatchewan's Environment Protection Act

Saskatchewan's Department of the Environment recently denied acting on a public complaint against the Environment Management and Protection Act (EMPA, 200) that intense lights produced by SIGA casinos' Light Teepees causes environmental damage.  Arguments were presented against the Act that loss of enjoyment of the night sky occurred, that the teepees were 'out of place' with the character of Saskatchewan's Living Skies, and in particular, that bats changed their behavior and migrating birds died in Yorkton's casino lights.  Environment did not find that an environmental breech occurred, ignoring the hard evidence, but because they did not agree that light itself was a "particulate pollutant under the Act".  The complainant argued that laws are to be interpreted in unique situations, and that in Environment's case, they used the easiest way out without even addressing the basics of the issue.

Talk/Discussion at 8:00

Approximately 16 people attended including three new people.  Those that did not make it mised a great talk and discussion.  You also missed Ricks chunk of the metorite that broke apart this fall near Lloydminister.

Gillian was the only one to get the fact or fiction correct.