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Agenda Dec. 3

Adult Refreshments

Round table - issues people wish to bring up.
Recent news items.

Predictions for 2009.   Bring some predictions and reasons for them.  For example a plane will crash near a body of water.
Moon Landing Hoax.  Half the group is for/half against.  Flip a coin, if you get head you believe the moon landing was a hoax, tails you think the hoax people are nuts.  Research one or two of the reasons why people believe the moon landing was faked.

Adult Refreshments

Having a skeptical xmas.  Skeptical "holiday" gifts.
Favorite books? Current Books?

Should marriage concessionaires be required to preform any legal marriage?

When should we have meetings?  Mondays were mentions as working for some people.
Where should we have meetings?  People prefered Amigos to Mano's
Advertising?  Currently Facebook group, jref forums, skeptic forums, Planet S, kijiji  Any others?