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Meeting Dec 3

We had 7 people attend on Dec. 3.

We discussed the moon landing hoax, with Gillian being the only person who "believed" that man landed on the moon and everyone else "believing" it was a hoax.  This was a little hard to do without pictures and video, but we still had fun.

Predictions for 2009

  1. A Fatwa will be issued against Barack Obama
  2. A Plane will crash in North America near a body of water.
  3. The US inflation rate will double in 2009
  4. A member of the royal family will be involved in a scandal.
  5. A prominent US politician will face legal problems.
  6. The large hadron collider will not begin normal operation in 2009.
  7. There will be no major terrorist attacks in North America
  8. There will be a vaccine preventable outbreak in North America
  9. Jenny McCartney will not be held responsible for any vaccine preventable outbreaks.
  10. David Morsewill be the next Dr. Who.
  11. Osoma Bin Laden will be brought to justice on Sept. 9, 2009
  12. There will be a terorist attach in trump towers
  13. There will be a terorist attach ithat will resutl in George Bush staying in power.
Ok, the last three are highly speculative.

Darwin's birthday is Thur Feb. 12, we should do something for this.
Newton's birthday is Dec. 25.  Happy Newtonmas.