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Meeting Nov. 19

wThe Nov. 19 meeting was held at Mano's.  The location was ok, but the neighbors were quite noisy. 

Eight people attended.  Greg attended for the first time.  An acquaintance told him out our post on the JRE forum.

We discussed "Is Astrology Relevant to Consciousness and Psi?" by Geoffrey Dean and Ivan W. Kelly.  Most people thought that reading a paper and discussing it was a good idea.

Quite a bit of time was spent discussing methods to promote the group.  Possible ideas:
  • "Psychic" predictions for 2009.  Submit to the paper.
  • Public Films.  A film festival with discussion was suggested.  Possible locations are Broadway theater or the Library.
  • Public discussions, either with group members or university professors.
  • Public presentation regarding the moon hoax conspiracy.  Probably not enough public interest.
We also discussed what to do when a secular organization has grace or blessing with a meal.
Subsequently we discussed the problem of inappropriate emails from coworkers.  Might be a problem for HR.

Agenda for next meeting:  Predictions for 2009. Group discussion regarding moon hoax.

Gillian to check into access to the Marr Residence.  Gillian to keep us up to date about upcoming lectures at the university.  We all missed Jared Diamond.

Plan to schedule next meeting in early January.